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Succession is an application that needs to be filed with the Māori Land Court to succeed to owners land interests. It is very important to transfer the Māori land interests to the person(s) that are entitled. Our records reflect those of the Māori Land Court. To legally transfer the land interest of an owner to his or her successors, a succession order is issued by the Māori Land Court.

For more information visit Māori Land Court website here



  • Beneficial owner of shares in Lake Taupō Forest Trust
  • Beneficial owners who have put their Lake Taupō Forest Trust shares into a whānau trust.

The benefits of being registered with the Trust are:

  • To access annual distributions
  • Grants
  • Permits
  • Participate in the election of Trustees
  • Receive communications from the Trust
  • To access beneficial distributions
  • To enable the Trust to communicate with you.

Annual Distribution

LTFT Trustees declare an annual distribution at the beginning of each year, after detailed consideration of income, expenditure and the level of forestry reserve funds.

Income is distributed under a formula contained in the Trust Order based on the area of blocks and shares in blocks. The minimum amount payable is $10 if you live in New Zealand and $20 if you live overseas.

The Trust also makes annual grants to Marae named in the Trust Order.

Pūtea Aroha (Tangihanga Fund)

For more information about the Pūtea Aroha (Tangihanga Fund) click here.

For more information
Contact us or P: 07 386 8839 F: 07 386 0188 E: ownership@ltft.co.nz Write to: Lake Taupō Forest Trust, PO Box 155, Tūrangi 3353, New Zealand


Whaia te iti kahurangi ki tona tauranga, kia pupu ake ai ko nga painga katoa, ki a ratou e whaipainga ana ki tenei ngahere.

Pursue the items of value to their destination, so that benefits arise,
for the beneficiaries of this forest.

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