The Weighbridge Company Ltd

In 2005 the Lake Taupō and Lake Rotoaira Forest Trusts constructed a weighbridge on land adjacent to State Highway 1 in the northern part of Lake Taupō Forest. The two Trusts own this asset in the shares 75 per cent LTFT: 25 per cent LRFT.

All wood harvested in Lake Taupō and Lake Rotoaira Forests is nominally sold on volume (cubic metres) but in fact the volume is calculated from agreed formulae to convert the weight of the logs. To ascertain the weight, trucks have to go across a weighbridge. Prior to the construction of this weighbridge, we (the Crown and Trusts) were paying large sums to use a range of private weighbridges across the region. We now charge the forests to use the weighbridge – a cost which is shared between the Crown and the Trusts. We have now weighed over 125,000 loads on this weighbridge, and charged over $900,000.

To use the weighbridge to calculate weights and sales values it has to meet strict criteria, including regular independent auditing to ensure it meets the ‘weights and measures’ regulations.

The Directors of The Weighbridge Company Ltd are Geoff Thorp  and Judy Harris.


Whaia te iti kahurangi ki tona tauranga, kia pupu ake ai ko nga painga katoa, ki a ratou e whaipainga ana ki tenei ngahere.

Pursue the items of value to their destination, so that benefits arise,
for the beneficiaries of this forest.

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