Owner Access Notices

Easter access

Owner access to the northern half of Lake Taupō Forest will be available at week-end hours (5am-11pm) from Friday, 29 March to Monday, 1 April inclusive. As usual, permits and fob keys are required.

Roar Block

The southern half of Lake Taupō Forest remains closed to access due to on-going salvage operations. Given the limited land area available in the northern part of the forest, and the need for on-going silvicultural operations there, the Trust cannot offer a roar block this year. We realise that many owners will be disappointed at this, given it is the second year in a row we have been unable to offer week-day access during the roar. The salvage is progressing well, and we are optimistic of being able to offer a roar block option in 2025.

Winter Access Hours

Winter access hours (7am-8pm on weekends, 4pm-8pm on weekdays) commence from Monday, 8 April – the day after daylight saving time changes. Summer hours will resume from Monday, 25 September.