Forest Security

Security in the forest is undertaken by a specialised security company called RUSEC (Rural Security), who work under contract to our forest managers NZ Forest Managers Ltd. An owner-based company with long experience in the field, RUSEC is contracted to undertake checks on everyone who enters the lands – both owners and workers.

Their role is largely to assist us all (the owners, the Trusts, the Crown and NZ Forest Managers) make the place safer for everyone, to make sure that non-owners aren’t going on the lands, and to make sure everyone who comes on the land is behaving in a way which is fair for all others.

The main activities they undertake include checking gates and access points, checking permits, doing speed checks and other vehicle checks, and general patrolling. They patrol both Lake Taupō forest and Lake Rotoaira forest several times every week, both during day time and at night. The company also undertakes security work for a range of other forest and farm owners in the area, which assists us to understand security matters across the general area.