Pest Control Operation

Pest Control Operation – Southern Lake Taupō Forest

Ospri has asked LTFT for permission to undertake a pest control operation over the southern part of Lake Taupō Forest in late 2020 (probably November, but exact date to be confirmed).

The control of what Ospri calls the ‘Turangi 4B and 4C’ zone involves around 2,600 ha of LTFT lands, plus 6,000 ha of HRWL lands and 1,200 ha of DoC land and other Maori-owned land. As usual, Ospri’s operation is part of their plan to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (Tb) from NZ, which they do by keeping the numbers of the primary Tb carrier – possums – at low levels. They plan to use a combination of aerially applied 1080 and ground-based control techniques.

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